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PREreview of Pre-emptive analgesia for primary tooth extractions in children: systematic review of literature

CC BY 4.0

The article reflects a controversial topic in dental practice that is necessary for the clinical decision-making of many dental professionals. 

Best wishes to the authors….. Congrats !!

Major issues

  • Any systematic review should start from a problem that is not clear in the introduction to the article.

  • The description of the problem could be more explanatory in the introduction section.

  • The example of formulation must be reproducible and correspond to that of one of the platforms used. (preferably for Pubmed)

  • The discussion mixes relevant results, which were not mentioned in the results section, with the contrast of similar results of other authors that could converge or disagree with the present research.

Minor issues

  • The PRISMA guide argues that the objective should be a subsection of the article as it is introduction, methods, etc.

  • The question referred to at the beginning of the method is not posed as a question but as an affirmation.

  • The quality of the figures could be better.

Competing interests

The author declares that they have no competing interests.