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Structured PREreview of Viability of Mobile Forms for Population Health Surveys in Low Resource Areas

CC BY 4.0
Does the introduction explain the objective of the research presented in the preprint?
Are the methods well-suited for this research?
Highly appropriate
Are the conclusions supported by the data?
Highly supported
Are the data presentations, including visualizations, well-suited to represent the data?
Somewhat appropriate and clear
How clearly do the authors discuss, explain, and interpret their findings and potential next steps for the research?
Somewhat clearly
Is the preprint likely to advance academic knowledge?
Somewhat likely
Would it benefit from language editing?
Would you recommend this preprint to others?
Yes, it’s of high quality
Is it ready for attention from an editor, publisher or broader audience?
Yes, after minor changes

Competing interests

The author declares that they have no competing interests.