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PREreviews of A maturity model for catalogues of semantic artefacts

4 PREreviews

  1. PREreview by Hagar Lowenthal

    Disclaimer: I am a member of the EOSC Metadata and data quality Task Force but have not read the paper prior to this review and was not involved in the discussions and writing of the article. I was working in the Publication Office of the European Union, the publisher of the catalogue EU …

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  2. PREreview by Andrea Scharnhorst

    This is a very timely contribution. A lot of diverse terminology can be found around the topic of ‘semantic interoperability’. To give examples: Knowledge Organisation Systems, controlled vocabularies, ontologies, and semantic artefacts are used for the ‘objects’ or ‘assets’ themselves; while: …

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  3. PREreview by Allyson L. Lister

    Thank you for this work. However, it is important to note that not all resources in the comparison table are the same type: some are ontology look-up services / repositories (e.g., AgroPortal, OLS), others are wider registries of standards/databases/policies (e.g., FAIRsharing), including -- …

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  4. PREreview by Lars Vogt

    The authors provide a definition for ‘semantic artefact catalogue (SAC)’ and suggest a maturity model for evaluating SACs that is based on a set of criteria with multiple sub-criteria. Their approach is aligned with the FAIR Guiding Principles and the ongoing efforts of the EOSC Task Force of …

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