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PREreviews of A maturity model for catalogues of semantic artefacts

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  1. PREreview by Allyson L. Lister

    Thank you for this work. However, it is important to note that not all resources in the comparison table are the same type: some are ontology look-up services / repositories (e.g., AgroPortal, OLS), others are wider registries of standards/databases/policies (e.g., FAIRsharing), including -- …

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  2. PREreview by Lars Vogt

    The authors provide a definition for 'semantic artefact catalogue (SAC)' and suggest a maturity model for evaluating SACs that is based on a set of criteria with multiple sub-criteria. Their approach is aligned with the FAIR Guiding Principles and the ongoing efforts of the EOSC Task Force of …

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