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RR\ID Student Reviewer Club

RR\ID is an open-access overlay journal that accelerates peer review of important infectious disease-related research preprints. RR\ID aims to prevent the dissemination of false/misleading scientific information and accelerate the validation and diffusion of robust findings. RR\ID aims to increase the application of science for the common good, responding to infectious disease challenges throughout the world.

As a part of the RR\ID mentorship and training program in scientific publishing, the RR\ID Student Reviewer Club is a platform for our student community to publish their own reviews of RR\ID selected preprints. Our purpose is to give students the opportunity to analyze and publish reviews of the same preprints that we are seeking formal reviews for in the academic community–which enhances the potential for mentorship and collaboration.

Club leads
Makayla True
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The RR\ID Student Reviewer Club hasn’t published a PREreview yet.

When they do, it’ll appear here.