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Biology of Marine Invertebrates & Friends

We are a department focused on mainly marine larvae and their perception of and reaction to the environment, employing both descriptive and experimental methods to better understand behaviour. The main research organism is the larva of the marine ragworm Platynereis dumerilii, where the group (stationed in the UK and Germany) has acquired a detailed ultrastructural atlas of several stages, traced the connectome and experimentally tested some of the many interactions between them.

This club aims to review manuscripts dealing with diverse aspects of marine invertebrates (including non-metazoan eukaryotes), whichever topic is more or less in our field of expertise and which will inspire our research and/or cause us to rethink our approaches. We want the club to serve as a more active journal club of preprints between the two locations of our working group, but also to invite ECRs from other groups and with expertise in other disciplines to broaden our horizons.

Club leads
Luis Alberto Bezares Calderón and Alexandra Kerbl
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The Biology of Marine Invertebrates & Friends hasn’t published a PREreview yet.

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